October 2018: Week 3

Cabinet sat on Monday 15 October 2018 at statehouse Entebbe under the chairmanship of H.E the president of the Republic of Uganda, and;

  1. Approved levying and collection of park User fees on Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) as follows
  2. i)Each taxi shall pay Ugx 840.000/= per annum to be shared between the origin and destination local government and KCCA at a ratio of 40:60 respectively.
  1. ii)Taxis operating between two urban authorities shall pay Ugx 840.000/= per annum which shall be shared in a ratio of 60:40 for origin-loading and destination respectively.

iii)        Commuter taxis in Kampala to pay Ugx 720,000/= per annum; and

  1. iv)Buses to pay Ugx 2.400.000/= per annum which shall be shared equally among all the urban authorities on the route charts.

The purpose of the above levy is:

  1. i)To harmonize tax system of Kampala Capital City Authority and other Local Governments;
  1. ii)To stop multiple taxation and daily levies on taxis (Public Service Vehicles) and provide for a single annual payment; and

iii)        To stop the use of agents in the collection of Park User fees from taxi operators

  1. Directed the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to release Ugx 32,757,240,000/= from the contingency Fund for the emergency resettlement of persons at risk of landslides in the Bulambuli Government land.