The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance (MOICT & NG) remains dedicated to fostering an ICT Innovation ecosystem in Uganda. Through the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP), the National ICT Innovation Hub at Uganda Institute of ICT Nakawa has been established. This hub serves as a catalyst for homegrown digital solutions and aims to catalyze entrepreneurship and digital employment across Uganda. In partnership with UICT, a Memorandum of Understanding ensures seamless and quality operations.

Our Approach

Our target is clear: engage 1,000 startups within 1,000 days, all facilitated by a network of 1,000 mentors.

Five Pillars of Innovation Hub

  1. Support Ecosystem: Creating a nurturing environment for innovation.
  2. Research Capacity: Enhancing data-driven decision-making.
  3. Services & Products: Offering a spectrum of services including financial, technical, and training.
  4. Sales & Marketing: Accelerating the adoption of local innovations.
  5. Structure: Merging physical infrastructure and human capital.


  1. To support an effective innovation ecosystem.
  2. To strengthen Research, Development and Human resource capacity for indigenous ICT innovations and solutions for key priority sectors of government and private sectors.
  3. To brand & market innovation products and services locally and internationally through collaborative partnerships.
  4. To enhance the structural and institutional capacity of the Hub to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mandate.

Innovators at the Hub

We are proud to host 29 companies: Kacyber, Ridelink, Sumic Online, Code Impact, Technology Innovation Association (TISA), Microfuse, Askari Project, Info Consults, E Posta, Wal-e Visuals, Crossroads Animations, Autofore, Uzazi Hub, Kwetu Auctions, PesaSmart, Omugundu Gwa Tech, IoTec, Uriel LTD, Alipata, Rent Beta, Eryte Museum of Technology, MediHub, Mpungu Analytics, WaCloud, Nomis, Streamline Education Centre, SMS One, Deron, and Electronic Government Procurement (EGP).

Our Partners

Our esteemed partners include Huawei Uganda, Centenary Technology Services, MTN Uganda, Refactory, JCSE FI ICT Founders, H3C Corporate, Sunbird AI, ICDL Africa Limited, The Innovation Village, Estonia Centre of International Development, Coursera, and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Programs and Initiatives

The Hub runs seven key programs: Data Ladies, Leap Program, MTN ACE Program, 3D Computer Animation, Founder’s Institute Training, ICT Bootcamp, and EduTech. Our initiatives span Hub Spoke Initiatives, Digital Skilling and Training, Infrastructure and Shared Services, Mentorship, and Business Development and Advisory.

Regional Hubs

As a testament to our commitment to foster ICT innovation and digital skills across Uganda, we have supported establishment of regional hubs in universities at Kabale, Soroti, and Muni. These regional extensions are not just additional locations but are pillars of excellence, outfitted with modern ICT equipment, comprehensive operational manuals, and a dedicated team of qualified staff. By doing so, we are not only decentralizing opportunities but also integrating a diversity of ideas and innovations from across the country.

Join us in this remarkable journey to redefine the digital landscape of Uganda, one innovation at a time.