Directorate Vision

A well-informed, peaceful, democratic and productive society working together to uphold national values and interests for sustainable national development

What the department does

National Guidance Department is essentially aimed at building consciousness in the citizens and community participation to avert the challenge of ideological disorientation which is the worst binding constraint to national development.

The department of National Guidance is tasked to do the following:

  1. To create awareness and understanding of the shared concept of National vision, National values, National Interest and National Common good as basic elements in shaping the behaviour and character of the ration.
  2. Providing the basic building blocks for identifying and defining Uganda’s common identity and aspiratons, which all Ugandans can believe in and consistently strive to achieve.
  3. Attempting to steer the country to development along a dear and guided ideological trajectory.

Some of our achievements

District leaders trained on Governance
Ministries trained on ideological consciousness
Benchmarking visits on civic education
Engagements on the ‘I am Ugandan’ tweet chat
National Guidance policy under development
  • Conducted Civic education awareness campaigns for elected and Appointed district leaders in promoting good Goverance in a mutiparty system in Koboko, Yumbe. Arua Cty, Mubende, Kesanda and Hoima districts for 400 participants.
  • Benchmark study visit to Tanzania and Zanzibar on civic education practices which has made the department come up with a draft syllabus/curriculum for primary, secondary and university teachers.
  • The department is in its final stages of completing the National Guidance Policy for presentation to Cabinet
  • Launched the campaign dubbed “I am Ugandan” to embrace those ideals framed by our eminant citizensbetween 1991 and 1995 and placed as National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Poilcy in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.
  • Conducted ideological consciousness sessions in 6 MEAs; Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Altairs, Ministry of Gender Labour and Socal Development, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Ministry of Public Service.
  • Publicised goverment programmes (Education, OWE, POM, Production and works) on 4 radio stations – Peace of Africa FM 94.5, Voice of Life FM 100.9 Arua district, OP PM in Jinga and Kamuil and PointFM-106.1 n Mubende
  • Operationalised the weekly National Guidance Moment program on UBC. TV/ every Thursday and identified good presenters

I am Ugandan


The twitter chat dubbed ‘I am Ugandan’ was launched to embrace national ideals. 

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