Support for Innovators

The Ministry of ICT & National Guidance has made a commitment to accelerate national digital transformation and create opportunities for youth employment through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Innovations initiatives.

Innovations supported
new jobs created inside startups
%age of females supported

In a bid to boost innovation, the Government of Uganda set up the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP) with a primary goal of tackling bottlenecks in the ecosystem.

The programme was also expected to create a digital ecosystem by promoting the development and deployment of applications to create an open ecosystem in Uganda.

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National ICT Innovation Hub

Government constructed the National ICT Innovation Hub to address challenges faced by budding young innovators especially access to a conducive environment to create ICT solutions that can be consumed locally and internationally.


The hub was established to address the following;

  1. Access to conducive work space with inbuilt tools for development, including workstation, and stable internet connection. The hub has been furnished to sit over 100 innovators in one go. The hub has a fast fibre internet connection supplied by NITA-U.
  2. Meeting space – here innovators can set up and meet/make presentations to potential investors, partners or their target market. Six (6) meeting rooms available for meetings, trainings and presentations.
  3. State of the art 300-seater auditorium – constructed to hold trainings and events occurring the ICT space. The auditorium has also provided suitable space for other MDAs to host events
  4. In-house cafeteria – creates an environment for users of the facility to prepare /have refreshments in a restaurant-like set atmosphere. 


The ICT innovation drive has led to the development of various solutions to support the  digitizing of government services across all public sectors. Here are some of the outstanding ones;

Integrated Health Management System [IHMS]

The integrated Facility and Health Management Information System was developed to provide an all-round solution to manage all processes at public health facilities. The system was commissioned and deployed in all national and regional referral hospitals in Uganda

Parish Development Model Information System

The PDMIS is a locally developed system that was developed as an output of the Ministry’s responsibility in implementing the Parish Development Model – a programme being implemented across Government to ensure service delivery at the lowest level of Government structures – parishes. The System was developed and used to collect parish data across Uganda […]


‘CAUCAS Anywhere’ is an online collaboration platform that was developed to provide a virtual environment for education institutions to conduct classes and also operate as a collaborative environment for meetings and events. The System is currently in use at the Uganda institute of Information Communications and Technology (UICT)

Electronic Document Management System[EDMS]

The EDMS was developed to facilitate automation of records and ease workflows across Government Institutions. The system was designed to work in all institutions and is was piloted at Ministries of Public Service and ICT & National Guidance. Deployment in other institutions is ongoing.