I think  there is gigantic gap in terms of how people understand the internet and how much they think technology is an important factor in social change” – Alex Steffen

So, What is Digital Vision?

Is a National Policy and Strategic Framework that reviews, integrates, consolidates, and improves all the existing ICT strategies, policies and plans into one overarching digital Vision for Uganda by providing a unified direction for ICT development and an Integrated ICT project implementation approach

The principal aim of Digital Uganda Vision is to align ICT investments in the various sectors in a manner that will improve the country’s Global ICT indices for purposes of attracting investors. The ministry will define digital milestones in order to avert duplication and ensure agglomeration benefits from the investments in ICT’s.

Why Digital Vision?

  1. To have a consolidated and integrated strategic direction of how ICT shall support the delivery of Vision 2040;
  2. To review, align, harmonize and synergize  the existing fragmented policies and strategies into one overarching document;
  3. To align ICT initiatives to major objectives of the different Sectors;
  4. To encourage the involvement of key stakeholders;
  5. To institute a central implementation, coordination and monitoring & evaluation of ICT initiatives;
  6. To take into account challenges and prepare for mitigations to the challenges envisaged; and
  7. To effectively use and encourage adoption of mature and emerging technologies.

The Vision

This vision – the ‘Digital Uganda Vision’ will empower its citizens, striving to achieve the goals of universal inclusion, sustainable development, economic progress and poverty eradication through digital innovation combining initiatives across multiple sectors. It will also electronically deliver a variety of government and private services in various fields like education, health, agriculture, social security, banking, justice, communication etc.

The vision has seven objectives, namely
  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Transformation
  • Competitiveness
  • Investment
  • Human Capital Development
  • National Guidance
  • National ICT Governance and Coordination

Implementation Framework

  1. Re-alignment of the Ministries Agencies
  2. Formation of a Program Management Structure to lead the development, adoption, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Digital Uganda Vision
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation
  4. Sustainability and government interventions
  5. Digital Uganda Vision Implementation Budget
  6. Development of Financing models
  7. Time bound implementation approach