Uganda Television and Radio Uganda (the current Uganda Broadcasting Corporation) was born in 1963 one year after Uganda’s independence. However, radio was born in Uganda in 1954 and TV came in nine years after that. Its main aim was to broadcast through both mediums to the whole country as the national broadcaster.


“To become the most respected broadcaster in the region.”


The Corporation is mandated by the Government of Uganda to deliver the following:

• Provide radio and television broadcasting services and programmes that contribute to social economic development with emphasis on national unity in cultural diversity;
• Reflect the Government Vision regarding the objective, composition and overall management of the broadcasting services;
• Ensure a sustainable system of gathering, analysing storage and dissemination of information to the public;
• Establish autonomy of management in rendering public broadcasting services;
• Carry out signal distribution as a common carrier;
• Establish systems of accountability and enhance profitability in running public broadcasting services;
• Maintain responsible editorial independence and set national broadcasting standards of exemplary performance;
• Ensure protection of the public interest in rendering broadcasting services;
• Provide electronic media consultancy services that educate and guide the public;
• Operate an efficient and self-sustaining Corporation;
• Achieve and sustain comprehensive national radio and television coverage throughout the country;
• Ensure accurate, timely and reliable reporting of events and presentation of programmes and carry out any other activity that may be carried out by a public broadcaster.

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