The Ministry of ICT & NG has developed a five-year sector Strategic and Investment Plan (ICT SIP) 2015/16-2019/20, to guide systematic deployment of ICT for development and service delivery in line with the Uganda Vision 2040 and the National Development Plan (NDP) 2015/16-2019/20. The Vision of the ICT SIP is “A knowledge-based Uganda enabled by a Vibrant ICT sector” and the mission is “to provide leadership and enabling environment for promotion of ICT as an industry, and enabler for transforming Uganda into a knowledge-based society”.

The thematic areas in the SIP are:

  1. a)    ICT Governance
    b)    ICT Infrastructure
    c)    Human Capital Development and Planning
    d)    Information Security
    e)    Research, Innovation and Development
    f)     ICT Health, Safety and Environment
    g)    Cross-cutting Areas
    h)    Promotion of e-Services and Local Content
    i)     e-Government
    j)     ICT Industry Promotion in Target Markets
    k)    Promotion and Coordination of ICT in other Sectors

When the interventions in the ICT-SIP are implemented, the following outcomes will be achieved by the year 2020, among others:

i.    Increased access and usage of ICT equipment and devices;
ii.    Average ICT sector GDP growth annually from 19.8% to 20%;
iii.    Overall improvement of Uganda’s ranking on global ICT indices; and
iv.    Improved access to high speed broadband services to facilitate communication, economic activities and service delivery. The target is to improve Broadband     access from 512Kbps to 4Mbps and 30Mbps for rural and urban households respectively.

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