During the FY 2022/23 the main priorities are;

  1. Promoting ICT research, innovation, and adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics, among others
  2. Enhancing ICT skills and vocational development,
  3. Promoting development-oriented mind-set and increase government participation in strategic sectors.
  4. Ensuring effective communication and national guidance
  5. Extending broadband ICT infrastructure coverage countrywide in partnership with the private sector and implement last mile connectivity in public service delivery areas leveraging existing infrastructure by government and private sector players
  6. Expanding the Digital Terrestrial Television and Radio Broadcasting network
  7. Establishing and enhancing national common core infrastructure (data centres, high power computing centers, specialized labs)
  8. Mainstreaming ICT in all sectors of the economy and digitizing service delivery
  9. Strengthening Cyber Security in the country
  10. Developing and implementing the Data Protection and Privacy Program
  11. Implementing the national addressing system
  12. Supporting local innovation and promoting export of knowledge products
  13. Reviewing and developing appropriate policies, strategies, standards and regulations that respond to industry needs
  14. Coordinating and harmonizing the implementation of ICT infrastructure and services
  15. Operationalising the Uganda Telecommunications Company Limited.