Our Journey

Prior to the restructuring of the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance in 2019, this department (Data Networks Engineering) was known as the department of Telecommunications and Posts under the directorate of Communications and Broadcasting Infrastructure. 

After restructuring of the Ministry, the department emerged as the department of Data Networks Engineering under the Directorate of ICT Infrastructure to date.


The department mandate is to address policy and strategic Data Networking issues in the sector. The overall function is to oversee and coordinate the deployment of Logical ICT infrastructure and resources in the country in collaboration with the Public and Private sectors.

Considering a technologically changing world, the department executes its functions dynamically in relation to the existing trends in data networking technology.

  1. Develop Policies, Laws, strategies, Guidelines and Standards on Data Networks.
  2. Implement, monitor and evaluate Policies, Laws, Strategies and Guidelines on Logical ICT infrastructure and its support systems.
  3. Coordinate the implementation of Laws, strategies, Guidelines and Standards on Data Networks.
  4. Provide technical advice and support to Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs), Local Governments (LGs) and other stakeholders in the area of Data Networks.
  5. Develop standards and guidelines for Internet Nodes, Hubs & Exchange Points countrywide and ensure compliance.
  6. Develop and implement strategic projects aimed at using data networks for socio-economic transformation.
  7. Develop standards and guidelines for development and rationalization of Data Centers including Cloud services in Government.
  8. Monitor and evaluate performance of Uganda Post Ltd, NITA-U, UCC, UBC and UTL.
  9. Coordinate and provide leadership in international and regional fora, meetings/initiatives/programs/projects regarding Data Networks.
  10. Develop and adopt a National Postcode and Digital Addressing System for Uganda that is logical, unambiguous, reliable, expandable and updatable.
  11. Develop strategies aimed at ensuring optimal use of Postal infrastructure and services

Some of our achievements

  • Developed the National Broadband Policy 2018 which provided ground for local listing of Telecom companies through the Telecom Licensing reforms. In early 2021, MTN publicly listed its shares.
  • Implemented the One Network Area (ONA) for Data and mobile financial services under the Northern Corridor Integration Project (NCIP).
  • Implemented the National Postcode and Addressing Geographic Information System (GIS) System Entebbe Pilot. Providing and capturing addresses for houses, roads and other existing infrastructure in Entebbe.