Through the Ministry of ICT & NG, the Government has adopted an ICT-led socio- economic policy for accelerated development with a focus on ICT entrepreneurship development, rejuvenation of the private sector, and wealth creation in the National Development Plan III and the NRM Manifesto 2021-2026.

In a bid to achieve this strategic objective, focus has been placed on revamping Business Process Outsourcing Services by addressing the identified challenges to the growth of the industry within the country. The newly formed BPO & Innovation Council will work closely with Ministry of ICT & NG and BPO/ITES Companies to supervise the implementation of the proposed BPO strategy and ensure the involvement of every sector to prescribe and implement regulatory frameworks/reforms and projects relevant to the growth of the ITES/BPO industry.

To achieve these, the BPO Companies in Uganda are required to register themselves with the Council to build an up to date database of all active BPO/ITES Companies in Uganda as beneficiaries of the initiative of the Ministry of ICT & NG.

HR, Call centre, etc