The National Guidance public lecture on Mindset Change

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Under the department of National Guidance, the Ministry organised a national guidance public lecture to create awareness on mindset change at the National ICT Innovation hub Nakawa.

During the lecture, the keynote speaker, Rev Dr Hun Mok Lee General Secretary of International Youth Fellowship and Professor of Mindset Education at IMEI highlighted on the need for and impact of mindset change in a society.

  • Mindset change enables citizens to make informed decisions
  • It leads to a better connection and healthy society
  • Formation of a strong heart
  • Having the right mindset among the youth can lead to growth and development because they provide a strong labour force to increase production

In his speech, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon Dr Chris Baryomunsi applauded the keynote speaker Dr Lee, a Mindset professor from South Korea and the State minister for ICT Hon Kabbyanga Baluku for organising the event.

I also want to thank all students and university management for allowing to come and participate in the event. We should all be patriotic and aspire to be champions so we are prosperous as a nation.

Hon Chris Baryomunsi, Minister for ICT & National Guidance

Dr Lee in his remarks said South Korea invested heavily in mindset change in the last 40 years and is now one of the greatest economies in the world. Dr Lee also offered opportunity for 20 young people to undergo internship for a year in South Korea.