Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to leverage AI to drive the ICT innovation Agenda across Uganda in a partnership with Sunbird AI

You are currently viewing Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to leverage AI to drive the ICT innovation Agenda across Uganda in a partnership with Sunbird AI

On 23rd January 2023, The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sunbird Artificial Intelligence (AI) geared towards leveraging Artificial Intelligence Systems to increase the use of ICT services for Uganda’s social and Economic development in accordance with NDPII

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is responsible for the implementation and conception policy in the areas of Information, Communications Technology and National guidance including innovations and new technologies.

Government of Uganda established the Innovation Hub(Hub) and National ICT Initiative Support Program (NIISP) to facilitate the creation of an ICT innovation eco system and market place for Ugandan innovative digital products. Therefore, the Ministry recognizes the importance of these partnerships and collaborations for leveraging resources, strengthening Digital skills for the future achieving affordable digital inclusion.

Sunbird AI is a non-profit organization which focuses on developing open-source, practical, African centered systems that primarily works with partners to use data technology to improve planning, decision making and strengthening feedback between Citizens and policy makers.

Sunbird AI has recently partnered with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development in implementing the National Electrification Strategy(NES), supported the Ministry of Health in monitoring public perception of their COVID 19 response during the pandemic. The organization has developed AI systems in health Care, Agriculture, etc., Developed an AI based open data site identification System, the Sunbird Translate System built through an open language dataset of 25,000 sentences translating across 6 commonly Spoken Languages which are English, Acholi, Ateso, Luganda, Lugbara and Runyankole, this system includes easing service delivery to citizens through ensuring information is easily comprehended to the intended persons.

The MOU was signed by the Permanent Secretary Dr. Aminah Zawedde on behalf of Ministry of ICT and National guidance, and Dr Ernest Mwebaze the Executive Director Sunbird AI.

Through this Agreement, Sunbird AI will provide Artificial Intelligence related advisory and consultancy services to support the Hub in leveraging the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) through joint projects and capacity building activities targeted at boosting the Innovation Eco System.

This partnership focuses on collaboration in services related to ICT disciplines that are core to supporting innovations across the board, Development of Practical Artificial Intelligence Systems, Social growth , Practical policies and Innovations.

The PS Dr Aminah Zawedde “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change the traditional constraints of the infrastructure of Uganda to improve citizens wellbeing, improve planning, policy, real-time decision and Strengthening feedback loop between citizens and policy makers. The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is leading the effort in providing Strategic direction through the 4th Industrial Revolution in accordance with NDPIII”   By Nalwoga Hafswa Kato