January 2019: Week 3

Cabinet sat on Monday January 14, 2019 at State House Entebbe, and;

  1. Noted that the Celebrations Marking the 33rd NRA/NRM Victory Day Anniversary will take place on Saturday 26th January 2019, at Muwafu Primary School Grounds in Nabuyoga Sub County, West Budama South Constituency- Tororo District under the theme “A moment of glory that set a new chapter for Unity, Peace, and prosperity in Uganda”.
  2. Approved the Principles for the Mining and Minerals Bill, 2019 and the objectives of the Policy include:
  • To strengthen the Legal and Regulatory Framework for the licensing and development of the Mineral Sector;
  • To ensure efficient, equitable, accountable and transparent management of Mineral revenues;
  • To establish, manage and promote the Country’s Mineral potential;
  • To enhance and strengthen Institutional capacity for effective governance of the Mineral Sector;
  • To organize and legislate artisanal and small scale mining in Uganda;
  • To promote and protect Health, Safety and Environment in the Mineral Industry;
  • To provide a framework for marketing and value addition of Minerals; and
  • To promote local content and national participation in the Mineral Industry.
  1. Approved the Technical, Vocational Education and Training TVET Policy; the Policy will focus on the following;
  • Establishment of an employer led TVET System;
  • Establishment of the TVET Council;
  • Development and implementation of Standards for trainers; institutional leadership and a TVET Qualification Framework that is harmonized with the Regional Framework;
  • Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues into all aspects of TVET;
  • Improvement of access to and quality of TVET;
  • Provision of adequate, well trained TVET trainers and providers;
  • Ensuring sustainable financing of TVET;
  • Promotion of public awareness and perception towards TVET.
  1. Approved the accession of the Government of the Republic of Uganda to the Agreement on the Global Green Growth Institute. As a member, Uganda will benefit in  the following ways;
  • Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction as espoused in the Paris Agreement;
  • Creation of green jobs;
  • Increased access to sustainable services such as, clean affordable energy, sustainable Public Transport, improved sanitation, and sustainable waste management;
  • Improved air quality;
  • Adequate supply of ecosystem services;
  • Enhanced adaptation to climate change;
  • Support to Green finance resource mobilization and green investments;
  1. Approved the Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW) Policy; The Policy objectives include the following;
  • To establish, train and deploy adequate and competent CHEWs  for the delivery of quality, preventive, promotive and selected basic curative  health services at the community level;
  • To develop Governance and leadership of CHEWs in Uganda in line with the decentralized health care delivery Systems;
  • To ensure that communities, households and individuals are empowered to play their role and take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and to participate actively in the management of their local health services;
  • To strengthen coordination and collaboration between Government and Non-Governmental Sectors in the implementation of the CHEWs Programme;
  • To mobilize financial resources for implementation of the Community Health Extension Strategy; and
  • To develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the CHEWs Programme.


Ofwono Opondo