Pioneers of Progress: MTN ACE Tech’s Brightest Minds Set to Shape the Future of Technology

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Uganda’s ICT landscape is set to witness a new wave of talent and innovation, as MTN Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance’s National ICT Innovation Hub and Centenary Technology Services, proudly announces the graduation ceremony of the MTN ACE Tech Program.

On 7th September 2023, the participants of the MTN ACE Tech program will graduate in a ceremony that will be held at National ICT Innovation Hub.

Bright stars have emerged from the program – a solid cohort of 51 graduates armed with highly specialized technical skills in Python and JavaScript. These individuals, honed by the best and driven by a passion for technology, stand ready to champion the evolution of the ICT sector.

Furthermore, in what is a testament to the program’s holistic approach, 20 budding SMEs/enterprises have been incubated. These enterprises, fresh yet fierce, are set to bridge the gap between innovation and service delivery within both public and private institutions.

The partnership, beyond fostering individual skills and nurturing startups, has also taken a tangible step in uplifting the technological landscape. State-of-the-art ICT equipment has been set up at the National ICT Innovation Hub, a symbol of the commitment to further propel technology advancements in the region.

MTN CEO Mulinge Sylvia addresses the MTN ACE participants in Dec 2022

The fruits of this collaboration don’t end at equipment and skills. Job creation is an essential facet of the MTN ACE Tech Program. It embodies the shared vision of MTN Foundation and its partners – building a self-sustaining ecosystem where knowledge meets opportunity.

The graduation ceremony promises to be more than just a celebration of achievements. It will be a confluence of ideas, innovation, and inspiration. Participants, guests, and tech enthusiasts will witness the rise of a new technological era, underscored by the dedication and hard work of each graduate.

Set to be streamed online, the public is invited to join in and hearld the champions of tomorrow, today!