May 2018: Week 2



1. Cabinet on Monday 7th May under Chairmanship of the President approved the appointment of Members of the National Building Review Board as follows;

i. Mr.MaleEmmanuel
ii. Mr.ErochuJamesEnou
iii. Ms.GraceMaryMugasa
iv. Mr.OcenMiltonFred
v. Mr.TugumeJonathan
vi. Ms.KaahwaHarrietMaryKugonza
vii. Ms.KatusabeEva
viii. Ms.AdataMargaret
ix. Dr.AmoneJackson
x. ArchitectKibbamuEnoch
xi. Mr.MukasaApollo
xii. Mr.KyamanywaCharles
xiii. Ms.KakuzeTabitha
xiv. Ms.BettyNakamya
xv. Mr.EdwardSsimbwa.

The functions of the 15 member board include; To monitor building developments, to ensure design of construction caters for PWD’s, to monitor operations of building committees, to report to the minister on building developments, to hear and determine appeals from persons dissatisfied with the decision of building committees, to determine the fees to be charged by Urban and District Building committees for approval of plans, issue of building permits, and to perform any other functions conferred to it by the law

2. Approved the establishment of the African Export-Import Bank Regional Office in Uganda (Implementation)Bill, 2018. Establishing the Regional Office for the African Export-Import(AFREXIM) Bank in Uganda will benefit Uganda as follows;
i) Promotion of sustainable socio-economic development in the region and Uganda in particular by providing development finance support and advisory services;
ii. Providing financing in support of export projects including mining, manufacturing, infrastructure and related projects that facilitate exports;
iii. Providing guarantees to enable Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and finance eligible imports into Africa;
iv. Providing jobs and the consumption of goods and services.

3. Approved the intervention plans by Office of the Prime Minister (Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees) for emergency relief supplies to the victims of floods, landslides, wind storms, hail storms and lightening in the entire country.

4. Approved the Mining and Mineral Policy for Uganda, 2018. The policy is intended to;
i. Widen the scope of the definition of minerals to include sand, granite/stones and marram among others;
ii. Link the mining subsector to other sectors of the economy;
iii. Provide for the establishment of a Laboratory to process all mineral samples within the country to ascertain their purity levels;
iv. Provide for the Minister as the person responsible for issuing Mining licenses; and
v. Provide for penalties and punishments for those involved in illegal mining.
5. Noted that the Second Annual Manifesto Week (to take stock and Popularize the achievements of Government towards the realization Of the Manifesto Commitments) would be marked from 12th to 19th May, 2018 and that all the Ministers will be expected to lead their Sectors in briefing the Press on specific Manifesto commitments Achieved under their dockets.

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