The Manager Public Relations and Corporate Affairs for National Identification Registration Authority -NIRA Gilbert Kadilo has revealed a secret number for checking the registration status of children.

NIRA is Government Authority that was put in Place by the Government of Uganda in 2013 to register and issue National identity cards, Register resident aliens and issue them with Alien identity cards, Register Births, Deaths, and adoption orders and issue certificates, as well as to create, manage, maintain and operate the National identification Register.

Last year NIRA registered children for National identity cards which will be given to them when they turn 16.

Kadilo made the revelation on Friday morning while speaking during a joint sector publicity committee meeting that was held in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance boardroom in which the ministry gathers information to guide the public on government programs.

He said that *216# is the number that a parent can press so that they get the registration status details of their children.

He said that it will be a simple exercise of merely updating data when the children turn sixteen to be given identity cards as most of the information will be already in the National Register.

He challenged citizens to always be positively responsive to Government programs in order to ease the achievement of the intention of the programs by the Government.

He cited an example of the first NIRA exercise in 2014 in which some people claimed that the exercise was being done for political reasons were reluctant to registration and have been affected up to date.

The National Guidance commissioner who chaired the meeting promised to support NIRA activities in any platforms available and asked members in attendance to do the same.