ICT Innovators receive support for innovation

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Under the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme, the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance has completed the selection of market-ready ICT innovations that will benefit from Government support.

The 12 final winners were selected from a shortlist of 40 who were part of a total of 350 applications that were submitted covering ICT innovations in various sectors including health, agriculture, special needs, education, security, energy, tourism and finance.

The 2018 ICT Innovation Awards were held on 12th April 2018 at the Ministry headquarters and were presided over by the 2nd deputy Prime Minister Rt. Hon Ali Kirunda Kivejinja on behalf of the Rt. Hon Prime Minister

Here is the final list of winning innovations

  1. Academic Information Management System (AIMS)   AIMS is an Integrated Educational management system that automates all the business processes by managing admission, billing and payments, programs and curriculum, payments, human resource and other aspects of the education.
  2. DeroDero is an innovation that applies the use of latent power to provide off-grid renewable energy solutions. The innovation aims at providing an alternative source of energy by exploring localized off-grid solutions
  3. KiCare KiCare is a non-invasive hardware and software technology that tests for Kidney functionality non-invasively, removing the need for acquisition of a blood sample to perform the kidney functionality test.
  4. PRISMS PRISMS is a low-cost SMS-based platform that helps frontline health workers to effectively provide newborn care clinical management through provision of instant clinical care decisions based on routine assessment findings.​
  5. EnerGrow The EnerGrow platform aims at increasing the efficient use of energy through business training, financial literacy and access to finance through an innovative data-driven financing platform
  6. M-Farmer M-Farmer software is designed to extend the benefits of technology to provide services to agriculture stakeholders. These include improved record keeping, increased efficiency of operations hence ensuring the ability to make informed decisions by use of a basic mobile phone or computer.
  7. Blood up Blood Donation system provides a link between blood donors and centers through the use of a mobile application aimed at increasing access to blood when required.
  8. Xente Xente is an award-winning online payments platform that enables cashless consumer to business transactions. The application supports multiple platforms including feature phones, smartphones, desktop, point of sale and get paid via mobile money, bank cards (Visa, Mastercard), bitcoin and vouchers
  9. OCULAR Ocular is a Point-of-Care diagnostic tool for microscopically diagnosed diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites and related illnesses like blood anemia.
  10. 6th Sense This innovation is a Sign Language to Speech Translator aimed at facilitating communication between a deaf person who uses sign language with another person that does not understand sign language.
  11. Wulira Wulira is a simple but sophisticated android mobile application that is used to assess hearing loss in at-risk patients and provide immediate reporting on results.
  12. Munu Technologies IT services including data storage (data entry, processing & conversion), infrastructure as a service (virtual private networks & data center space), IT support (including analytics, cloud services, ERP support services) and contact Center managed by team of professionals.

More details on each of the winners here