The directorate is made up of the following departments

a) Department of Information and Public Relations
b) Department of National Guidance


A well-informed, peaceful, democratic and productive society working together to uphold national values and interests for sustainable national development


To maintain an effective citizen’s mobilization and guidance framework that delivers advocacy for implementation of policies and programmes that are in line with the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy.


To provide a national framework for harnessing the potential of the citizens for effective participation in national development.

Specific objective

To Promote an informed and ideologically aware citizenry for socio-economic transformation

Strategic objectives

  1. To promote a national ideology, mind-set change and national service that supports good governance.
  2. To define Uganda’s national values and build a value based society.
  3. To promote civic awareness and participation in national development for socio-economic transformation.
  4. To promote the national vision, national identity, the common good, national interests and patriotism.
  5. To strengthen the Institutional capacity to provide strong national guidance.


  • Shared national vision, national interest, national values and common good
  • Improved attitudes, democratic principles, constitutionalism and a national ideology.
  • Progressive society that respects and upholds national values;
  • Improved civic competences and effective participation of citizens in national development;
  • Improved sense of nationalism, social cohesiveness, peace and stability
  • Strong institutional capacity developed to deliver National Guidance socio-economic transformation

Action Areas

  • To build a national ideology and mind-set for socio-economic transformation.
  • To build a national value system based on defined national core values.
  • To improve civic awareness and participation in national development for socio-economic transformation.
  • To propagate the national interest, common good, national identity and national vision
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