In FY2014/15, the sector achieved the following:
1.    The National Backbone infrastructure (NBI) extended to connect 45 sites with Kampala and Entebbe. This will enable access of high speed internet at affordable costs through bulk procurement;

2.    Seven (7) Public Universities have been connected to the NBI to enable access to high speed internet connectivity and facilitate e-learning and research. These are; Gulu University, Mbarara University, Kyambogo University, Busitema University, Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Uganda Management Institute (UMI);

  1.  As part of the integration of government IT systems, five (5) MDAs hosted in the NITA-U Data Centre. These are URA, MFPED, FIA and MOICT, State House, In addition, co-location service is being offered to one public institution (co-location enables an agency to have its IT equipment such as racks and servers hosted in another agency’s datacenter saving costs of establishing own datacenter with own overhead costs such as utilities);
  2. Distribution infrastructure for digital TV broadcasting was installed for greater Kampala (including Entebbe, Mukono, Mpigi, Luwero, Mityana and Jinja);
  3. Phase III of the NBI has been completed.As a result, NITA-U is offering the following e-government services over the NBI infrastructure;

a)    Internet bandwidth
b)    Leased Line Services
c)    Hosting/Co-location in National data centre
d)    Unified Messaging and Collaboration System (UMSC)
e)    Government Web Portals
f)    Government Citizens Interactions Centre (GCIC)
g)    Voice over IP
h)    Connecting to Integrated Financial Management Services
i)    Video Conferencing for MDAs

  1. Facilitated the creation of the Uganda BPO Association which currently has about 79 registered companies, employing over 5000 Ugandans. Employment in the sector grew by about 30% over the last one year.
  2. Partnered with Internet Now Project at Gulu University, funded by Oxfam. The project currently employs about 140 agents in Northern Uganda. This is an indication that BPO can thrive outside Kampala.
  3. The Business Process Outsourcing incubation centre was officially launched. The incubation Centre currently employs 323 youths.
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