The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance through Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology [UICT] Digital Transformation Centre initiative [DTC] and National ICT Innovation Hub [NiiH] in collaboration with The International Telecommunication Union [ITU] is committed to accelerating the uptake of digital technologies among citizens and boost the capacity of young entrepreneurs and SMEs to succeed in the digital economy. 

To achieve this initiative UICT- DTC is providing access to training materials developed by ITU, Cisco, HP, and other partners at the global, regional and national levels; access to train-the-trainer programmes under the DTC Initiative; networking opportunities through DTCs worldwide; use of ITU and Cisco branding for promotion and marketing of DTC courses; authorization to award internationally recognized certifications to local citizens; and increased visibility which can result in access to resources that will allow the DTCs to scale their national activities. 

The primary objectives of this initiative are; 

  1. Deliver basic digital skills training to enhance digital literacy and foster uptake of digital tools among those at the bottom of the social pyramid. 
  2. Deliver intermediate digital skills training to provide users with job-ready skills, improve workplace efficiency and enhance chances of employability. 
  3. Improve the capacity of policymakers to design and implement digital skills programmes. 
  4. Conduct train-the-trainer programmes on digital skills to ensure scalability and self-sustainability in digital skills capacity development. 
  5. Train SMEs in the field of digital technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The following free online courses are available to the community;

Cisco Certifications :

1. Basics of Cyber Security (e.g. network security, privacy, malware)
2. Basics of Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)
3. Basics of IoT (e.g. digital transformation, processing standard business processes)
1.Fundamentals of Networks (e.g. basic networking concepts)
2.Fundamentals of Cybersecurity (e.g.  security controls)
3.Fundamentals of programming (e.g. C, C++, Python, Linux)
4.Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (e.g. leadership, communication, teamwork)

HP Certifications 

Intermediate and for entrepreneurs 
1.Business communications
2.Business communications
3.Business email 
4.Effective presentations
5.Effective leadership 
6.Presenting data 
7.Success mindset 
8.3D printing
9.Starting a small business 
10.Design thinking 
11.Strategic planning 
12.Social entrepreneurship 
13.Growth engine for your business 
14.Basics of finance 
15.Profit and loss 
16.Finding funding 
18.Sales forecasting 
19.Social media marketing
20.Unique value proposition 
21.Your target audience 
22.Selling online 
23.Effective business websites
24.Marketing benefits vs. features
25.Setting prices
26.The art of selling: fundamentals of selling 
27.Maximizing capacity 
28.Managing contact information 
29.Customer relationship management (CRM)  
30.Inventory management 
31.Energy efficiency: do more for less
32.IT for business success 
33.Hiring staff


Intermediateand for entrepreneurs Women ICT Frontier Initiative

Participants who successfully complete the courses within one [1] month will receive certificates.