Core Priorities 2020/21

1. ICT Infrastructure

Extend the ICT Infrastructure Network to cover the entire country to ensure digital inclusion

2. Innovation Hubs

Establish more model incubation centers/hubs to encourage innovation and creation of local content at regional level

3. E-government

Integrate e-government systems and services to increase uptake of ICT by the public

4. Job Creation

Increase job creation, especially for the youth through ICT Research and Innovation

5. Information Security

Improve & ensure the Information Security System is secure, reliable, resilient and capable of responding to cyber security threats

6. Electronics Manufacturing

Promote the manufacturing and assembling of ICT devices in Uganda

7. National Postcode and Addressing System

Implement the National postcode and addressing system to reduce cost and ease of providing security, emergency and other Government services and reduce cost of providing private sector services like banking, utilities, e-commerce, transport, medical, and ease in collection of demographic information

8. Internet Exchange point

Setup a second internet exchange point (IXP) at an alternative location to increase usage of e-government services and reduce on latency and streamline ownership, management and regulation of critical ICT infrastructure

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