Strategy for Electronic Waste Management 2013

The Electronic Waste Management Policy (2012) for Uganda defines electronic waste (e-waste) as a generic term embracing various forms of electric and electronic equipment that have ceased to be of any value to their owners.

Implementation of the e-waste policy however faces a number of challenges, including no strategy to action it, lack of required resources, and no implementation framework.

In light of the above, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has developed an Implementation Strategy for the Electronic Waste Management Policy. Support in preparation of the e-waste strategy was provided by UNDP under the project “Improving policies and strategies for sustainable environment, natural resources and climate risk mitigation” which aims to contribute to strengthening of national capacity for policy implementation through the review and development of policies.

This strategy will be reviewed midterm after 3 years, and again after five years. It is expected that with implementation of the identified actions, the e-waste challenge will largely be addressed in Uganda.

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