The Ugandan Podcast Press Release

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Ministry of Information Communications Technology and National Guidance presents The Ugandan Podcast that will be starting 10th January 2022. The podcast will feature Ugandans, Government officials and other stakeholders steering in Government programs, policies and projects for the collective Development of Uganda.

Ministry of ICT and National Guidance provides Uganda with strategic leadership and supervision in ICT, Information and National Guidance for sustainable development. The ministry is also diligently working to increase access and usage of ICT services throughout the country. More so, effective communication of Government policies, programs and promotion of national ideology for socio economic transformation is supreme.

The Ugandan podcast is an audio-visual production on informing, understanding and sharing on government programs so as to enhance citizen engagement in achieving the National Development Goals. We will share facts, ideas and progress through dialogue and poetry so as to create positive impact.

This podcast looks to enhance a productive knowledgeable society and initiate conversation leading to mindset change and digital transformation. Please find this podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Youtube, audiomack and others.