Dr. Zawedde pays courtesy visit to Central Broadcasting Services

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By Brandy Valentine Azeirwe

“Let us encourage young people to create and innovate while on the internet instead of just chatting on different social platforms from time to time. This will increase their chances of benefiting from Business Process Outsourcing and being job creators; their innovations could be solutions that change the world and develop many global sectors.“ Dr. Zawedde said during her interaction on the CBS 88.8 FM Morning Show, “Kalisoliso.” 

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Aminah  Zawedde paid a courtesy visit to Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) Offices. During the visit, she shared with the team of journalists, planned interventions to improve government communications, reduction of internet pricing as a way a supporting innovators, and BPO Engagement for youth employment opportunities as part of a comprehensive strategy to accelerate Uganda’s journey to digital transformation.

Dr. Zawedde was hosted first on 88.8 CBS FM on the “Kalisoliso” Morning Show with Abbey Mukiibi and Abu Kawenja. While on the show, she highlighted that the Ministry of ICT & NG would support the Kabaka Birthday Run 2021 initiative by purchasing a number of kits. She commended the exceptional work in the execution of the Kabaka Run Campaigns that have raised support and awareness on fistula, sickle cells, and now, “Men for Good Health and Ending AIDS by 2030.”

Dr. Zawedde was later hosted on CBS 89.2FM by PatrikoMujuuka and Ann Ssebunya on the Mukeeze Morning Show where she shared on the role of media in the success of government programs and projects and why digital transformation is a key priority for the government. 

She encouraged the radio audience to engage with different Ministries, Departments & Agencies through their online platforms for quick access to government services. “The government is working on systems to enable citizens to apply and register for national IDs, passports, and other national documents from wherever they are to eliminate the inconvenience of people moving long distances and making long queues to acquire these services,” Dr. Zawedde mentioned as she explained why the nation is embracing digital transformation.

About efforts to execute BPO, Dr. Zawedde shared; “Quite often, young people go abroad to work and end up being house helps, security guards and yet their parents or guardians have given them substantial education. The government is stepping in through BPO to create jobs for the youth overseas that they can do at the comfort of their country.” She enjoyed the talk shows and promised to keep the communication flow between the government and CBS effective.

Saving the best for last, Dr. Zawedde concluded this visit by meeting with Mr. Micheal Kawooya, Managing Director, CBS. Mr. Kawooya thanked the Permanent Secretary for joining CBS for the morning shows and assured her of the media house’s support as the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance implements the digital transformation program. He also expressed his gratitude on behalf of Buganda Kingdom through CBS, for the support extended to the Kabaka Run 2021.