May 2019: Week 3


Cabinet sat on Monday May 20, 2019 at State House Entebbe, and;


  1. Noted that Celebrations Marking the 30th  Heroes Day Anniversary  will  be held  on Sunday 9th June, 2019  at Kasanje  Playgrounds , Kasanje Town Council in Wakiso District  under the theme: “Celebrating  the courageous Heroes who brought Peace and prosperity  we are enjoying”.


  1. Approved the Amendment of ; the Administrators General’s Act, Cap 157, the Succession Act, Cap 162, the Estates of Missing Person(Management) Act, Cap 159, the Administration of Estates(Small Estates) ( Special , Provisions) Act, Cap  156 and  the Probate  Resealing Act , Cap 160.  The Amendments are intended to;
  • Align the Administrators  General’s Act to Articles 32(affirmative action in favour of marginalized groups) and 33 (Rights of Women) of the  Constitution of the Republic of Uganda;
  • Provide for the requirement  for notice of application  for letters  of administration  by widowers or widows be given  to  the Administrator General before applying to the High Court  for grants to administer deceased spouses estates;
  • Provide a penalty  for intermeddling in estates of  deceased persons;
  • Exempt the bank accounts of the Administrator General from attachment proceedings;
  • Increase the jurisdiction of Administrator General from twenty thousand shillings to fifteen million shillings.
  1. Approved the creation of  nine (9) New Cities and will comprise of the following Divisions ;

Effective 1st July 2020

  • Arua city, Consisting  of Arua  Central Division and Ayivu Division;
  • Mbarara city, consisting of Mbarara North  Division and Mbarara South Division;


  • Gulu city, consnsting of Laroo-Pece Division and Bardege-Layibi Division;
  • Jinja city; consisting of Jinja  South Division and Jinja North Division;
  • Fort-Portal city, consisting of Fort Portal Central Division and Fort Portal North Division.



Effective 1st July 2021

  • Mbale city , consisting of Industrial  Division and North Division;
  • Hoima city, consisting of Hoima East Division and  Hoima West;

Effective 1st July 2022

  • Lira city , consisting of Lira West  Division  and Lira East Division;
  • Entebbe city, consisting of Entebbe Central Division and Entebbe North Division.

The expected out comes of creation of New cities is expected to;

  • Lead to increase Urban Infrastructure services like tarmac roads, improved waste management, water services, effective and efficient Physical development and planning and implementation;
  • Increase local revenue and Government fiscal transfers including  increase in employment levels;
  • Facilitate uniform and harmonized growth and development to avoid organic growth of towns.
  1. Approved the appointment of Members of the Board of Directors of the Uganda National Airline Company Limited.


  1. Approved the proposal to declare 100 Metre Zone of the Nile River Banks in Kalagala –Itanda Falls Central Forest Reserve to support the Bujagali Refinancing project. The expected outcomes will include;
  • Increased protection and management  of Extended Kalagala-Itanda Offset Area;
  • Strengthened protection, conservation and management of the 100-Metre protection zone of the River Nile.
  1. Approved the ratification of the Agreement for the establishment  of International  Development  Law Organization