July 2018: Week 5

Cabinet sat on Monday July 30, 2018 at Office of the President, Kampala and;

  1. Approved the appointment of the following Board Members for the National Medical Stores (NMS);

(i)                   Dr. Jotham Musinguzi (Chairperson);

(ii)                 Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo; 

(iii)               Dr. Hanifah Namaala Sengendo;

(iv)                Mr. Laban Mbulamuko;

(v)                  Mr. Niwagaba Justinian;

(vi)                Dr. Samuel Orochi Orach;

(vii)              Mr. Kenneth Paul Omoding;

(viii)            Ms. Kate Nalukenge Kikule;

(ix)                Dr. Ondoa D.J Christine;

(x)                  Dr. Mugahi Richard;

(xi)                Ms. Naome Kibaaju;

(xii)              Mr. Emmanuel Osuna;

(xiii)            Mrs. Lagada Amongi Beatrice;

(xiv)             Mr. Shaban Abdullah; and

(xv)               Dr. Timothy Musila.

  1. Noted that Uganda is currently hosting the 34th Annual Board of Governors’ Meeting of the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (28th July – 1st August 2018). The implications of Uganda hosting the Board of Governors’ Meeting and holding the Board Chairmanship include the following;


(i)                   The Bank provides a number of financial solutions and products to the private sector in Member States in line with the Bank’s key objectives and Uganda’s active subscription to the Trade and Development Bank (TDB) therefore provides our private sector easy access to appropriate trade and development finances.


(ii)                 With respect to Uganda’s Chairmanship of the Bank’s Board of Governors, this opportunity will enhance the country’s visibility and increase awareness of Uganda’s potential for trade, tourism and investment to other Member States and Institutional Shareholders of the Bank.


(iii)               The event will also increase awareness in Uganda’s private sector of the numerous benefits and opportunities available at the Bank, in addition to showcasing Uganda to the rest of the world through international media coverage.

  1. Noted that Uganda will host Global Peace Leadership Conference in Kampala, Speak Resort Munyonyo from 1st to 2nd August, 2018 under the theme “Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Sustainable Peace and Development”.The key objectives of the Conference are:


(i)                   To engage Heads of State, Policy Makers, Faith Leaders, Civil Society Actors, Cultural Leaders, Community Organizers, Youth, women, celebrities, and share concrete measures towards Sustainable Peace Building and Development efforts.


(ii)                 To evaluate and advance the way forward for inclusive implementation of Peace, Security Programs and Innovative Partnerships in the Region.


(iii)               To share best practices of successful community-driven development at grass root levels, and upscale them through Non-Governmental Organization support.

(iv)                To promote the role of religious, cultural, youth and women leaders in building the culture of unity in diversity through shared principles and values.

Ofwono Opondo