July 2018: Week 4

Cabinet sat on Monday July 23, 2018 at Office of thethe President, Kampala and;

  1. Approved the proposal to borrow up to SDR 231.7 Million (US$335 Million Equivalent) from the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank group as Additional Financing for the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Program.

The loan will address the following challenges through the provision of grants to Municipalities and Refugee hosting District Local Government to support:

  • Rehabilitation and construction of urban roads and associated infrastructure such as; drainage works, cycle lanes, pedestrians, walkways, street lights, trash cans, traffic lights;
  •  Construction of market stalls for vendors at bus, taxi and lorry park;
  • Construction of Markets, slaughter houses including provision for waste management;
  • Implementation of the drainage Master Plans;
  • Urban solid and liquid waste management through addressing bottlenecks in the solid waste management cycle, information Education Communication Materials, institutional capacity, including waste reduction strategies
  • Infrastructure development in Local Governments hosting large numbers of refugees i.e. construction of small bridges and box culverts on impassable sections;
  • Development of infrastructure for promoting sports, art and culture ( play fields, resource centers, community buildings and;
  • Urban beautification of Public parks; play grounds; urban landscaping; urban greening (e.g. planting of trees on roads verges.
  1. Directed the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to clear the outstanding commitment made in the FY 2017/18 amounting to Ush.58.5 Billion for salary enhancement for Public University Lecturers and Non-teaching staff.
  1. Approved that the salaries for Public Universities in the subsequent year be enhanced in accordance with the approved Pay Policy of Government.


Ofwono Opondo