Open Data Policy Draft (May 2017)

Under the Open data policy certain data held by the government shall be made publicly available, with few restrictions on access. This data shall be presented in accessible and reusable formats. Open data is an important resource which has the potential to enhance and transform the delivery of government services in addition to stimulating innovation.

In addition, opening up data shall help improve the transparency and accountability of government and the enactment of this policy is a positive step in that direction. The public sector must aspire to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding population, improve government services and improve the economy. New Technologies have transformed and revolutionized the interface between citizens and government and the release of open data shall fuel the development of innovative products and services in Uganda.

The implementation of this policy shall help transform current data management practices and create an ‘open by default’ culture within the public sector by developing ethos that embed publishing open data as a normal part of data management processes.

This policy shall put in place a public governance structure and a shared platform to deliver open data. Embracing the nine open data principles identified in this policy shall ensure that standards are adhered to, feedback is facilitated and that there is transparency about the reasons for withholding some data in the few instances data may not be accessible. The open data policy takes cognizance of the laws of Uganda and stipulates compliant policy actions.

Download Open Data Policy First Draft vX

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