Electronic Waste Management Policy 2012

In recent years, there has been an increased uptake of ICTs and related equipment, both in Government and private sector. Government has also developed initiatives to increase the use of ICT through elimination of trade barriers in importation of computer hardware and software into the country.

Parallel to this, liberalization of the telecommunications sector has led to increased use of mobile phones, fax and telephones. To crown it all, more and more households and businesses are using more and more electronic and electrical equipment ranging including fridges, through microwave ovens, Television sets, generators, power supply systems and voltage stabilizers. This equipment gradually reaches end of life and has to be disposed of as Electronic or Electrical waste (E-Waste). Poor management of e-waste leads to exposure of human beings and indeed the whole environment to dangerous toxic materials.

Government has, therefore, developed an e-Waste Management Policy to address this threat. The e-waste management policy provides for, among others, enactment of specific legislation for proper E-waste management and disposal to safe guard human life and the environment against the said hazards.

It is the belief of Government that if this policy is implemented fully, then E-Waste will be handled in a sustainable manner and, consequently, cease to be a threat to the people and environment of Uganda.

Download Electronic Waste Management Policy for Uganda