Uganda Convenes Northern Corridor Integration Project (NCIP) ICT Cluster Ministers meeting

Uganda convened a meeting of the ICT Cluster NCIP to evaluate the progress made by respective Partner States on the various directives from the 13th Summit of the Heads of State of the Northern Corridor

All Partner States of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects attended the meeting.  The Meeting was attended by Hon. Frank K. Tumwebaze, Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Hon. Joseph Mucheru, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of ICT Kenya, Hon. Akol Paul Kordit, Deputy Minister of ICT South Sudan, Ms. Rosemary Mbabazi Permanent Secretary Ministry of Youth and ICT Rwanda. In attendance were representatives of World Econimic Forum for Internet for All Initiative and Executive Members of National Technology Alliance. Heads of State of the  Northern Corridor Integration Projects.

The Ministers meeting reviewed the progress of all directives that emerged from the 13th NCIP Heads of State Summit and made recommendations to realise the directives.


The Ministers’ Meeting noted the following;

  1. Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have implemented the ONA for Data;
  2. Partner States have initiated the development of the framework for Mobile money interoparability platforms in collaboration with their respective Central Banks;
  3. Uganda has put in place legal and regulatory framework for SIM Card and ID registration while South Sudan is working on the same;


Key Recommendations:

  1. Partner States should domesticate One Network Area terms (ONA) in their respective National Legal and Regulatory framworks to ensure full compliance of all the actors
  2. Partner States should direct their respective Ministries responsible for Internal Affairs/Immigration and National ID Agencies to meet, discuss and fast track the policy and implementation of regional sharing of National ID data;
  3. The ICT cluster should offer technical support, monitor and report on implementation of e-Services being implemented by other clusters;
  4. Partner States to report progress on the implementation of Regional Broadband Strategy
  5. Partner States should fast-track procurement and implementation of Intelligent Network Monitoring Systems to combat grey traffic by 15th Summit.
  6. Partner States should task their regulators to thoroughly study other factors responsible for grey traffic and come up with a mitigation strategy;
  7. Partner States should follow up with their respective Ministries of Justice to review and approve the revised MoU with Northern Corridor Technology Alliance (NCTA) in readiness for adoption and signed by the 14th Summit;
  8. Partner States should work together to harmonize spectrum frameworks to optmize usage of digital dividends resulting from anologue to digital migration; and
  9. Partner States agreed to benchmark with each other on already implemented Postal addressing systems initiatives like Huduma, M-Post for Kenya and Rwanda’s Street Naming and Addressing System.