The Outgoing Permanent Secretary, Dr. Jimmy Pat Saamanya hands over office to Mr. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa

 Speaking at the handover, the outgoing PS, Dr. Jimmy Pat Saamanya   welcomed the incoming PS, Mr. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa to the Ministry. Dr. Jimmy Pat Saamanya also thanked all the previous Ministers and all staff of the Minister for their support for the years he has worked as a permanent secretary.

He highlighted the achievements the ministry has made since he became the Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT. Some of the key achievements among others were:

i.Implementation of ONA with in the Northern Corridor Partner states

ii.Increase in telephone penetration

iii.Lowering the cost of internet 

The incoming Permanent Secretary, Mr. Vincent Bagiire Waiswa   also thanked Dr. Jimmy Pat Saamanya for having pioneered the ICT sector at the time when people didn’t really understand what the sector entailed. He also thanked H.E, the President for having considered him to be a Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT & NG.

Mr. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa said that the following are some of the key areas which he is going to ensure that they are achieved:

i.Increase the number of services government can offer online

ii.Strengthen inter-agency relationship in the sector

iii.Ensure effective communication of government programs in a streamlined way.

He also paid tribute to the team that started the Ministry for they put in place an enabling environment as most of the key policies are in place.

 The Hon. Minister of ICT and National Guidance appreciated Dr. Samanya’s way of conduct, professionalism and experience in science and technology matters yet he studied much of agriculture in school.


He also thanked the out- going PS also for fighting hard to reduce internet cost from 1000 USD to as low as 50 or 40 dollars per mega bite. 


Hon Frank Tumwebaze urged his successor Bagiire to cost of internet further so that Ugandans can access internet and also help in revamping the national Broadcaster so that it broadcasts stories that are always left untold by the commercial players.

He further urged the incoming Permanent Secretary, Mr. Bagiire to engage all players to see how they could draft a policy that will help young ICT innovators to that they develop their talents.


The Hon. Minister of ICT &NG, Tumwebaze said that ministries have not put in effort to ensure they through the media pass out information about government programs to the public stressing that this partly accounts to lack of awareness on such programs.

He noted that as part of the efforts to ensure opening up, government is soon setting up a citizen interaction centre where the public will call in and also engage government agencies online and inform government of key issues.

He said that government has not opened up to its citizens which he partly blamed to the ministries and other departments stressing that they are always reactive rather than proactive.