Master Business Service Agreement

The Master Business Service Agreement (MBSA) for Government was launched by National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) on 20 June, 2015.The shared enrollment and implementation plan will be undertaken in a phased approach.In the first phase, the enrollment process will start with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) with expired/expiring Enterprise agreements and have expressed readiness to enroll into MBSA. The second phase will enroll MDAs which will have confirmed budgets for FY2015/16.Government will realize the following benefits from implementation of the MBSA:

  1. Procurement lead time will reduce with increased efficiency because of the centralized license management at NITA-U;
  2. Acquisition and maintenance cost of software licenses has reduced by 65%;
  3. Harmonization of the unit cost of Microsoft Software licenses across Entities; and
  4. Standardisation of the Software Assurance Benefits and quicker and improved “True-up process” for all Entities;