The Ministry of ICT&NG in partnership with Extensia Ltd organized the 15th Annual Innovation Africa Digital Summit (IAD) with a theme Smarter Thinking held from 25th – 26th April 2017, at the Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala.

The gathering included participants from MDA’s in Uganda and the international community like delegates from Ethiopia, S. Sudan, UK, Kenya, Burundi, S. Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Morocco.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Tumwebaze Frank the Minister of ICT&NG said; that the government will come up with a policy frame work and policy program for innovation that all agencies have to follow. He also made mention of the National ICT Innovative Program that government very soon will be organizing ICT competitions for the youth to come up with innovations to win that money. The minister said: “when you innovate you move forward and when you don’t, you lose.”

“ICTs should create opportunities but also provide solutions to those sectors”

“Vendors must be sensitive to a solution you’re providing”

“Innovations must go beyond expo but to the market”

“As innovators, we must demonstrate that our innovations provide solutions”

The conference involved a number of showcases from different participants from different countries for example from Kenya (samasourse, founded in 2008) providing ICT support to the under employed in remote areas, like training, job placements and employment.

Mr. Kisaale James, deputy commissioner URA also gave a live demonstration of how URA has embraced ICT as a solution to provide services by the use of the Electronic Cargo Tracking System, he went ahead to explain how the old system was costly, slow, final price of goods was also high because of the taxes that were imposed on the transportation. He recommended other government Agencies; to enhance the use of ICT as a means of improving inter-agency coordination and cooperation and also reducing cost of doing business.

Mr. Nuran from China Telecom also gave a keynote of how Rural Network Deployment provides ICT services to people in rural areas with use of solar. Escrow Europe and the ‘New’ Mavenir were among other companies that gave their presentations during the conference and the message brought out was that, data should be treated as a critical asset.

Minister of ICT&NG takes a group photo with governor of Kenya (left) and others