The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance setup the National ICT Initiatives Support Program (NIISP) and is currently implementing the program to develop the ICT innovation eco-system. As part of this program, a Selection Committee was appointed, whose major role will be to evaluate all innovators who would have submitted in their applications for government support. The overall goal of this program is to provide an enabling environment for Uganda to participate in the knowledge economy by increasing the level of employment and income through ICT innovations.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze the Minister of ICT and National Guidance today Thursday, 14th September, 2017 inaugurated a panel of judges (selection committee) who will help select qualifying ICT innovations. This committee is composed of members from different constituencies that have been working with innovators.

When officiating at the inauguration ceremony of the selection committee members, the Hon. Minister stated that, priority should be given to those innovators who have solutions to solve government problems. He also added that, all innovations to be supported by the fund, must be able to meet market demand both locally and internationally. Through increase in ICT innovations, Uganda’s ranking in the global ICT index ranking will also improve.

He also made an appeal to all MDAs to support innovators who will be having innovations for government at all levels. The minister pointed out that it’s only through innovations, that ICT can create jobs.

The ICT innovation hub is to be built and equipped with relevant ICT equipment. The ministry is also procuring a process partner whose role will be mentoring and training of the selected innovators. Advisors will also be in place to work with the selection committee for consultation purposes when need be.

Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is yet to put up an advert, calling for ICT innovator’s proposals for those that need support from government.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze concluded by thanking members of the selection committee for accepting to take up this responsibility.