ICT Sector Consultative workshop held at Sheraton Kampala

Ministry of ICT & NG invited all ICT practitioners and stakeholders in private and public sector including media for a one day consultative workshop on the formulation of Uganda’s digital vision which had been drafted by the ministry.

Some of the objectives of the workshop included;

·         To inform stakeholders on the expanded ICT sector mandate

·         To obtain input for the digital Uganda Vision


Digital Uganda Vision is a branded campaign that will aspire to build a better society, foster innovation and create a positive social and economic impact through a unified action plan focused on technology based empowerment by bringing the best e-services to all citizens.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry of ICT &National Guidance Hon. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa made a presentation, giving an overview of the Digital Uganda Vision.

Dr. Turahi David, Director IT/IMS, ministry of ICT & National Guidance then made a presentation on the existing ICT Policies and strategies. Dr. Fredrick Kitoogo, Director, Director of Planning, Research and Development at NITA-Uganda also made a presentation giving an overview of government ICT Policies and Strategies in other sectors and a case study of health.

A brief presentation was made by Ms. Shelley Shott from Intel Corporation giving examples of other countries with digital vision and have successfully achieved their vision.

On his part, the Minister of ICT & NG, Hon. Frank Tumwebaze said his Ministry is in the process of integrating disjointed ICT initiatives in government so that service delivery to citizens can improve. The Ministry will support the Judiciary to have e-courts and reduce the need to move from rural areas to Kampala to access court services, support e-health programs, and invest in satellite communication among other programs. He noted that because of the efforts his Ministry has put, the cost of internet is reducing and effective July 1 2017, the cost of internet will fall from 300 USD to 190 USD per megabits per second per month for all government MDA’s, LG’s and target user groups such as hospitals, research and education institutions, Business Process Outsourcing agencies and innovation hubs.


While giving his key note address, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Uganda, Dr. Ruhakana Rungunda, said the government’s focus is on ICT lead innovation to improve service delivery and that government would like to learn from private sector to do things efficiently and effectively. However, he noted serious challenges still exist because of disjointed ICT policies and programs which do not coordinate and communicate. He commended Ministry of ICT & NG for coming up with a shared digital platform where stakeholders can engage to shape the future.



The purpose of the ICT stakeholder’s workshop was to seek for stakeholder’s views on the drafted Digital Vision for Uganda. According to the Permanent Secretary ministry of ICT & NG, Hon. Bagiire Vincent Waiswa, digital Vision will compel change in governance processes for delivery of services

The vision will thus address;

·         Issues related to Infrastructure support, policy framework, Access to ICT’s, capacity development, collaboration amongst agencies, common access of government services by citizens, delivery of services and participative access.

·         Define key new Digital Initiatives to be implemented for each sector

·         Realign and integrate existing initiatives under a unified umbrella

·         Combine and syndicate resources across initiatives  and

·         Reduce cost of implementation by optimizing resources.

The Hon. Minister calls upon all stakeholders to think about the positive things that the Digital Uganda Vision will bring and not the negativity of it. For more on Uganda Digital Vision, Please click here