Laws & Regulations

In FY2014/15, the sector achieved the following:

1.    The National ICT Policy was approved and plans are underway to disseminate it across the country;
2.    A One Network Area for telephone services has been established for Partner States under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP);

3.    Information and Communications Technology Strategic and Investment Plan developed and it will be disseminated across the country;

4.    The Principles of Data Protection and Privacy Bill were approved and the draft bill has been developed;

5.    Public Sector Information Management Policy submitted to Cabinet for approval.

6.    Technical support provided to UBC and UCC on Analogue to Digital Migration for the establishment of a Signal Distribution entity (Signet)

7.    The Principles for the Digital Broadcasting Bill (amendment of Uganda Communications Act, 2013) were drafted;

8.    First draft of the National Broadband strategy developed. Consultations are on- going.

9.    Implementation of dot ug ccTLD policy coordinated. Consultative meeting on Formation of a not-for profit NGO concluded.

10.    Public awareness campaign on the Regulations for Cyber Laws (Electronic Transactions Act and Electronic Signatures Act) conducted.